RE: UAX#14-20: undesriable line breaking opportunities (parenthese and quotation marks)

From: Michael Maxwell (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 10:46:44 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > Hmm... Why does it not work, say in Internet Explorer,
    > Firefox, and even MS Word ??? The first rule of LB30 should
    > avoid breaking "word(s)", but I'm still seeing the line break
    > everywhere between "word" and "(s)"

    Hmm... I just tried this in IE (v6), Firefox (v2), and Word (2003 SP2). It behaves correctly in Firefox and Word, but not in IE. (I don't know how it behaves in the new IE v7.)

    For IE and Firefox, I used the following web page as a test case:
    and narrowed the window until "Word(s)" was forced to move. For Firefox, when the critical point comes, the entire string "Word(s)" moves onto the next line; with IE, only the "(s)" moves. (There are two instances of "Word(s)", one at the top of the page and one near the bottom. In each browser, they behave consistently.)

    For Word, I just typed in a string that included "word(s)", and continued typing random words to its left until it was forced to wrap.

       Mike Maxwell
       CASL/ U Md

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