Re: Where is the First> Last> convention documented?

From: Mike (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 12:07:15 CDT

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    > To my surprise, I cannot find a mention of the First> Last> notation
    > in, which only mentions
    > the "X..Y" form to describe a range.
    > Yet, First> Last> is used in UnicodeData.txt instead of "X..Y":
    > 3400;<CJK Ideograph Extension A, First>;Lo;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
    > 4DB5;<CJK Ideograph Extension A, Last>;Lo;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
    > So, where is it documented?

    I can't recall finding it documented anywhere, but the reason a
    range is not used is because UnicodeData.txt does not support
    ranges. I believe that this is for backward compatibility
    reasons -- the format of UnicodeData.txt has been frozen to
    avoid breaking existing software that parses the file.

    My parser ignores lines matching /(First|Last)>;/.


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