RE: Where is the First> Last> convention documented?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 14:54:07 CDT

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    Stephane Bortzmeyer asked:

    > > To my surprise, I cannot find a mention of the First> Last> notation
    > > in, which only mentions
    > > the "X..Y" form to describe a range.
    > > So, where is it documented?

    and Peter Constable responded:

    > In UCD.html, in the section UCD File Format:

    And by popular demand -- since the documentation in
    that section wasn't very enlightening -- the version of
    UCD.html under development for the Unicode 5.1.0 beta
    now has a much more explicit statement of this
    First/Last convention for UnicodeData.txt. See:

    Caution: As for everything in that 5.1.0 directory, data and
    documentation files are subject to updates without notice.
    The Unicode Consortium is still some months away from
    starting a formal beta review, and, indeed, the contents
    of UnicodeData.txt and related files is still missing half
    of the projected character content to be added eventually for
    Unicode 5.1.0.

    But now is your chance. If you think some important
    conventions have not been documented or note other errors in
    the documentation files for the UCD, you can start providing
    feedback and formal suggestions for improvements here:


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