Composition of not included Chinese characters

From: Gerrit Sangel (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 13:55:19 CDT

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    I have a question concerning Han characters:

    I want to write Biáng biáng ( in an
    ordinary text. As far as I know, the character is not included in Unicode, so
    it seems that there is no possibility to just write it.

    I read about the Ideographic Description Characters, but as far as I’ve
    understood it, they are only for graphically description of a character, so
    the reader has to compose it for himself in his mind or rather on a sheet of

    But I’d like to write these characters in a usual text so that the user can
    read it normally. Would this be possible or is there a plan to offer this
    feature (maybe something like Cangjie)?

    I think, something like latin ligatures with Opentype features would be a way
    to do this, so that the font displays different composed characters depending
    on what single characters are written. But this could be a mess because there
    are already so much encoded characters which would then offer several ways to
    write a character.


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