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Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 18:48:50 CDT

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    Well I was not refering to the logographic use in various ads or simply on
    fish selling shops; I was refereeing to the symbolism this fish represents,
    because it relates to some Biblic stories.

    I was referring to it because the Christian cross was not much used to
    represent Christianity before the official conversion of the Roman empire,
    and the Fish was used instead with approximately the same meaning as a
    distinctive religious attachment. That's why the symbol is present in old
    Christian graves, but there's no Christian cross (or its figure is still not
    well established)

    May be there are similar symbols at the beginning of story for Islam before
    the adoption of the Crescent symbol. These symbols are related to some sort
    of law, power, or order, so they are similar to other HERALDIC symbols used
    by kings and emperors.

    They don’t represent only the object figured, but this order, and they are a
    sign exchanged between those that respect this order or law; they also have
    a historical meaning explaining why they were chosen and accepted (most of
    these symbols are acting like memorials, except that they are much simpler
    to transport, share and display everywhere than a monumental construction).

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    > On 9/28/2007 2:37 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > > Why not proposing the historical Christian fish symbol at this date
    > (April
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    > You haven't been in the US in a while, apparently, or you'd know that
    > the fish symbol is widely used there. I'm not (just) referring to its
    > use as a symbol on cars, but in print and other advertising to label
    > commercial enterprises owned by or catering to the "true believers".
    > While I'm surprised that it hasn't been proposed before, it's clear that
    > it's so far out of the realm of character encoding that it can be safely
    > considered an April Fool's joke.
    > A./

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