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From: James Kass (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 18:52:32 CDT

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    James Kass wrote,

    > Try "chromatic font research" on Google, then. The idea, in this
    > case, is that color should be an aspect of plain text.

    With respect to my note about "chromatic font research", I've been
    advised off-list that my comments were inappropriate.

    I should have urged searching on key words "courtyard codes",
    instead, as it is the Courtyard Codes which provide a mechanism
    for coloring text.

    Courtyard Codes were discussed on the Unicode public list about
    five years ago. Here is a link to a page about Courtyard Codes
    from the original author's web site:

    Chromatic font research is actually about providing more than
    one color for a single glyph. I apologize for any confusion.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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