Re: Unicode 5.1, Egyptian Transliteration, and Fonts

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 16:45:28 CST

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    At 16:28 -0600 2007-11-30, Benjamin M Scarborough wrote:
    > >3. Spiritus lenis in Cyrillic is U+0486 COMBINING CYRILLIC PSILI
    >>PNEUMATA. In Cyrillic, this sits atop both uppercase and lowercase
    >>letters. But in Latin, it could sit atop a lowercase letter, and be
    >>preposed before uppercase letters. It could be used with I for
    >>Egyptian and A and U for Ugaritic transcription.
    >This sounds reasonable, if a seemingly odd unification. Still, it's
    >probably more acceptable than adding another combining mark or six more
    >letters that would closely resemble existing character sequences.

    It might well be semi-productive. It's no more bizarre than having
    COMBINING COMMA ABOVE have different behaviours in Latin and Greek.

    >This will also require changing the script of U+0486 from 'Cyrillic' to

    Only if it matters.

    >I suppose that U+0313 COMBINING COMMA ABOVE could theoretically be
    >given special positioning behavior when used with Latin A, I, and U if
    >such combinations are not already used orthographically,

    They are.

    >but I'm sure this would only be a burden on rendering attempts and should be
    >completely avoided.

    Quite so.

    Michael Everson *

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