Re: Unicode 5.1, Egyptian Transliteration, and Fonts

From: Benjamin M Scarborough (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 16:28:11 CST

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    >3. Spiritus lenis in Cyrillic is U+0486 COMBINING CYRILLIC PSILI
    >PNEUMATA. In Cyrillic, this sits atop both uppercase and lowercase
    >letters. But in Latin, it could sit atop a lowercase letter, and be
    >preposed before uppercase letters. It could be used with I for
    >Egyptian and A and U for Ugaritic transcription.

    This sounds reasonable, if a seemingly odd unification. Still, it's
    probably more acceptable than adding another combining mark or six more
    letters that would closely resemble existing character sequences.

    This will also require changing the script of U+0486 from 'Cyrillic' to

    I suppose that U+0313 COMBINING COMMA ABOVE could theoretically be
    given special positioning behavior when used with Latin A, I, and U if
    such combinations are not already used orthographically, but I'm sure
    this would only be a burden on rendering attempts and should be
    completely avoided.

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