Re: Dotless J with stroke.

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 07:13:31 CST

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    Whatever works, as long as it does work. Otherwise, you can expect
    lots more difficulties for people who see something which looks like
    an amalgam of Latin and Greek characters think they can just use the
    usual fonts and other thingies they see offered for <latn> script
    processing, but which will not serve them well. The OpenType
    'language system' is fine, but where does that fit with registering
    such handling in an ISO Standard?

    On 12 Dec 2007, at 01:05, John Hudson:

    > Marion Gunn wrote:
    >> As a subscriber member of the International Phonetic Association
    >> for many years, I have to agree with the above, which strengthens
    >> the reason for registering IPA as the unique script it is.
    > I agree that there should be a mechanism to identify and isolate
    > IPA usage so that one can, for instance, apply appropriate
    > typographic conventions, but 'script' isn't necessarily the best
    > level to do this. In OpenType, a 'language system' tag seems to me
    > an appropriate level, allowing IPA-specific glyph substitution
    > within <latn> script processing.
    > John Hudson

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