Re: [OT] Re: CLDR Usage of Gregorian Calendar Era Terms: BC and AD -- Can we please have "CE" and "BCE" ?

From: James Kass (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2007 - 00:48:01 CST

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    John Hudson wrote,

    > James Kass wrote:
    >> An organization preaching tolerance of diverse belief systems
    >> could not, in good faith, reject advertising revenue from psychics.
    > I suppose not, although I wonder what virtue there is in that
    > kind of tolerance. It is tolerance that will never be put to the test.
    > 'You're a Satanist? That's nice for you. Oh, you think Christianity
    > was invented by Jews to help them take over the world and you
    > conduct rituals in Heinrich Himmler's chapel at Wewelsburg to
    > channel Ur-Aryan psychic energy to liberate the promiscuous soul?
    > Well, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the anti-Jewish bit, but good
    > luck with the rituals and I hope you find them fulfilling for your
    > personal spirituality.'

    Hmmm, where do you stand on liberation of the promiscuous soul?
    (a rhetorical question)

    Just to keep the record straight, John Hudson's comments about
    Satanism and so forth were not directed at me and do not reflect
    my viewpoint.

    John Hudson had made a previous comment about Muslims probably
    not being favorably impressed by citing a religious tolerance web
    site which accepts advertising from psychics. It occurred to me that
    dissing psychics wasn't very tolerant, so I responded with a one-liner
    which was intended to be mildly humorous. My observation did
    nothing to negate John's insight about the probable reception of
    such a citation. The accuracy of this insight should not be limited to
    Islamic communities, by the way.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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