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Date: Thu Jan 03 2008 - 14:25:22 CST

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    > >Well, we must invent to the extent of devising a name; but I think
    > >you mean, as I would suggest, that requires only a minimal amount of
    > >innovation in this case -- much less than inventing a casing
    > >relationship with small letter script g.
    > The thing is clearly a capital letter, being based on a capital G. I
    > don't believe it is caseless, or lower-case, despite its use in
    > phonetic text.

    The thing is clearly a combination of a capital letter (G) and a lower-case letter (j). IMO, that does not make it a capital; it makes it mixed. The *closest* analog in existing characters is title-case, but in this instance caseless is another option and might make more sense.

    > The small script g is in my view its natural
    > lower-case pair;

    That is a purely revisionist invention. This has no more connection to small script g than a polar bear has to a beluga whale.


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