Re: chairless hamza (in reply to John)

From: arno (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 02:05:08 CST

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    you wrote a long message, but most of it is about font technology, not
    Relevant is only your suggestion not to change the properties of U+0621
    to protect "existing implementations".
    But in your last intervention you've written that all existing fonts
    handle chairless hamza between joining letters wrongly.
    Why should we want to protect a mistake?
    There are no cases in Arabic where the present behaviour of existing
    fonts that conform to the present description of U+0621 is correct.
    If Unicode can define a new "Quranic Hamza" properly, it should do it
    for U+0621 instead.
    Again: the only possible reason not to do it, is: The present dividing
    behaviour is asked for by an other language written with the Arabic
    script. In that case U+0621 should be depreciated for the Arabic
    language as is ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA (U+0674) and the new hamza
    should be named 'ARABIC LETTER ARABIC HAMZA'


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