Unicode, Java and Complex Script fonts

From: Christopher Fynn (cfynn@gmx.net)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 02:58:00 CST

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    <http://www.unicode.org/help/display_problems.html> states

    > Java

    > To allow Java applets (and/or programs) to draw Unicode characters
    > in the fonts you have available, you will need to hand-edit the
    > font.properties files that the Java runtime uses. Since you may
    > have several Java runtimes installed on your machine (for different
    > browsers, development environments, etc), you will need to search
    > for all the files containing the letters "font.properties". These
    > files may also be in .jar files, depending on your configuration.

    > Once you have found the files, to edit the font.properties file
    > to add fonts, see Sun's instructions (This may take some
    > patience: the description is not exactly straightforward.)

    Is Java still so broken that it requires users to hand edit the font.properties
    file (possibly multiple copies) to get complex scripts to display properly?

    - Chris

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