Re: Unicode Transliteration Guidelines released

From: David Weinberg (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 14:47:17 CST

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    I could not disagree more.

    Unicode is some kind of an international standard, is it not?

    I guess you have head of the ISO, have you not?

    Transliteration is the operation of representing the characters or signs of
    any one
    alphabet by those of any other […]. It is a question of representing
    characters or
    signs, not sounds – and this is what distinguishes transliteration from
    transcription – a
    matter of representing characters as they are written, rather than according
    to their
    phonetic or etymological values. Transliteration generally can and should be
    automatic, so that it can be done by anyone with an adequate knowledge of
    language to re-establish the text in its original characters
    (International Standardization Organization, ISO/R 9, 1954, -- often
    repeated in specific standards)

    Als Transliteration bezeichnet man eine zielsprachenneutrale eindeutige
    rückübertragbare (eineindeutige) Umschrift […] Als Transkription bezeichnet
    eine zielsprachenspezifische Umschrift, bei der die Phonetik der Zielsprache
    besonders berücksichtigt, Eindeutigkeit aber nicht abgestrebt wird. (DIN
    31636, 1982)

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