RE: Unicode Transliteration Guidelines released

From: William J Poser (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 19:18:08 CST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> There are, however, uses for ascii transliterations even with the
    >> advent of Unicode. I have had to create and implement several such
    >> for the Linguistic Data Consortium. One reason for using them
    >> is that sometimes people want to use existing software that cannot
    >> handle Unicode, so you need to ascify the text, run it through,
    >> and then convert it back. For this purpose, the transliteration can
    >> be pretty arbitrary so long as it is reversible.=20
    >I won't call this a transliteration.

    Nobody can force you to, but such things are standardly and
    routinely referred to as transliterations. Indeed, one reason
    that many debates about transliteration are so incoherent is
    that the same term is used for mappings intended for a variety
    of purposes.


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