stacking diacritcs and fullwidth characters

Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 05:50:18 CST

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    I am working on representing cipher music notation using unicode.
    Where the numbers are "half-width then stacking diacritcs can be used
    to add lines and dots below and dots above. Though questions remain as

    However much cipher music has Chinese lyrics, and for these full width
    numbers are best. Can the same stacking diacritics be used for the
    full width numbers? If so, does any font support them yet?

    Example sequences:-

    Full width 5 with a dot under it.

    U+FF15 U+0323

    Full width 6 with a line under it.

    U+FF16 U+0332

    Full width 7 with a dot over it.

    U+FF17 U+0307

    Full width 8 with two lines and a dot underneath.

    U+FF18 U+0332 U+0332 U+0323


    John Knightley

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