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Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 19:55:10 CDT

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    > I wonder why Unicode didn't put language identifier to the paragraph.

    Unicode 3.1 introduced a set of tag characters in the range U+E0000
    through U+E007F ("Plane 14"), primarily to allow language tags to be
    embedded in plain text, as a defense against an external proposal to use
    invalid UTF-8 sequences for that purpose. However, the Plane 14 tag
    characters were "strongly discouraged" by Unicode almost immediately
    after being encoded, and have since been formally deprecated. For more
    information, see sections 5.10 and 16.9 of TUS 5.0.

    I've long been a critic of both the "deprecated at birth" encoding
    strategy and the presumption that all interesting text is stored in a
    markup language or other high-level format. But these are the rules,
    and if you choose to use these tag characters you will probably be

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