Re: Ligatures For Indic languages

From: Vinod Kumar (
Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 01:34:40 CDT

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    Malayalam Chillu characters were and are formed by the display engine. Why
    then did Unicode 5.x encode them? Round-trip compatibility? And once code
    points have been given, people cannot be expected to use them just as
    compatibility characters, whatever they mean. They will find ways to type
    them in, will be found in text streams and will have to be shown on

    Unicode rightly resisted encoding of character sequences recommended by
    national bodies. Devanagari Reph is an example. But this good sense is lost
    when the proposal is from influential vendors.

    Vinod Kumar

    On 5/29/08, John H. Jenkins <> wrote:
    > Ligatures for Arabic (and Latin and Aramaic) are included as compatibility
    > characters and the expectation is that they should not be used in actual
    > texts. Unicode expects that ligatures will be formed by the display engine
    > and should not be explicitly encoded except where necessary for reasons such
    > as round-trip compatibility, and even then only as compatibility characters.
    > =====
    > John H. Jenkins

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