Re: [unicode] Re: Ligatures For Indic languages

Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 02:02:53 CDT

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    Dear Manik,

    I guess you're looking for some standard ligature collections
    for Indic scripts, and you want to assign PUA codepoints to
    them. I think PRC's precomposed Tibetan glyph collection
    (GB/T 20542:2006) is similar approarch. However, such effort
    is out of scope of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode, and the explicit
    utilization of PUA codepoint (to point an Indic ligature) may
    not be welcomed in Unicode oriented softwares.

    I'm interested in if Bureau of Indian Standards has any plan
    to define a standard of precomposed ligature collection (to
    guarantee the quality of Indic script printing), and asked
    such question to BIS, but I couldn't receive any comments.

    # Japanese experts in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies had
    # ever discussed the "level" of glyph composition features to
    # support Indic scripts, but I don't know such discussion in
    # India.

    Also I've ever heard of IFSOC, a project in C-DAC to standardize
    glyph collection for the text rendering system without intelligent
    glyph shaping feature. Some rumours told that it was not
    a collection of precomposed ligatures but of decomposed glyph
    components (to fit 8bit character encoding - possibly 16bit
    character encoding is inappropriate to the target of IFSOC).


    On Fri, 30 May 2008 10:03:05 +0530
    Manik Mahajan <> wrote:

    >In case of different vendors are involved ,all the characters which formed
    >the cluster( the logical buffer ) are needed to be passed on the
    >communication channel,which then on the receiver end are converted into
    >ligature in the proprietary range of that vendor.
    >If present in Unicode ,that character itself can be transferred .
    >A+B+C = D
    >if D in Unicode we can send D else we need to send A+B+C which will be
    >decoded at receiver to ,say E which represents the glyph D in its
    >Proprietary range .
    >Manik Mahajan

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