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From: Vinod Kumar (
Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 03:52:24 CDT

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    Sorry two mistakes. I dropped a letter. The standard is INSFOC. A document
    can be obtained from

    More serious mistake is about the letter PA. INSFOC does have Full PA and
    and half PA. I would have been correct if I had talked about Letter Nna.
    INSFOC has only half Nna.

    The general principle for reducing the number of glyphs is: "majority of the
    consonants are kept in their half form. The full consonant is formed by
    adding a 'kana' (vertical stroke) to the half form.".( .M. D. Kulkarni,
    C-DAC Pune in the paper refered to above).

    Vinod Kumar

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