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Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 04:02:41 CDT

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    Dear Vinod,

    Oops, Great thank you for correcting my mistake about its name
    "ISFOC", and the explanation of expected utilization.

    One of the document I red about ISFOC is the report by Masato
    Kobayashi on 2001:
    (sorry, it's written in Japanese), he visited C-DAC and interviewed
    S. K. Mohanty - at that time, ISFOC was under development, encoding
    was not finished, and the encoding stability of ongoing implementation
    was not guaranteed, so no ISFOC encoding chart was not published on Web.

    I want to know if ISFOC encoding was finalized/finished in later,
    and if it was finished, how we could obtain the chart. If you know,
    or, if you know right place/person to ask such question, please
    let me know.


    On Fri, 30 May 2008 13:47:53 +0530
    "Vinod Kumar" <> wrote:

    >Yes the ISFOC (not IFSOC) is an 8 bit encoding for decomposed glyph
    >components. For example, ISFOC does not have a code for Letter PA. It has
    >Half-PA and a vertical stem. The full PA is made up by juxtaposing the
    >Half-PA and the stem. I believe that C-DAC has used the ISFOC to generate
    >shaping components for Unicode to work on ISFOC fonts. Use of Unicode along
    >with a simple transformer to ISFOC can be followed by a font that
    >supports ISFOC in its charmap offers a light weight solution to mobile
    >Hope that the rumours are scotched.
    >On 5/30/08, <> wrote:
    >> Also I've ever heard of IFSOC, a project in C-DAC to standardize
    >> glyph collection for the text rendering system without intelligent
    >> glyph shaping feature. Some rumours told that it was not
    >> a collection of precomposed ligatures but of decomposed glyph
    >> components (to fit 8bit character encoding - possibly 16bit
    >> character encoding is inappropriate to the target of IFSOC).
    >> Regards,
    >> mpsuzuki

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