Re: [unicode] Re: Ligatures For Indic languages

From: Vinod Kumar (
Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 04:07:41 CDT

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    Most Indian script enthusiasts are quite satisfied with the current state of
    generating ligatures. Unicode encoding and shaping rules have found their
    way to common usage as well as high quality printing. There is no reason,
    incentive nor inclination for creating any standard for a ligature
    collection. Nor does it gurantee the quality of Indic script printing.

    The CJK approach of pages after pages of encoded letters or ligatures or
    conjuncts is not needed for Indic scripts. We are proud of the logical
    structure of our scripts that allows thousands of shapes to be generated
    from a couple of hundred basic codes. The enhancements needed to achieve
    this have been researched well, standardized into Unicode and implemented
    for daily and specialist use.

    Vinod Kumar

    On 5/30/08, Mahesh T. Pai <> wrote:
    > said on Fri, May 30, 2008 at 04:02:53PM +0900,:
    > > I'm interested in if Bureau of Indian Standards has any plan
    > > to define a standard of precomposed ligature collection (to
    > > guarantee the quality of Indic script printing), and asked
    > > such question to BIS, but I couldn't receive any comments.
    > This is something I have raised in more than one forum, but
    > unfortunately, I have no affiliations, and I am not a developer, so
    > have been unable to follow through. :(
    > The TDIL may be the more appropriate forum - but it is part of a
    > government behemoth. But they have defined a minimal set of glyphs for
    > Malayalam - and I guess the position is same for Devanagari
    > too. Devanagari is described in one of the files downloadable from
    > .
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