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Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 19:40:52 CDT

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    Sorry my mistake. It must have been another font then that does this
    'back-up' operation. Nonetheless, if the intention is to provide a
    legible text (which is not the case with last resort) the specific
    problem with Arabic script regarding this kind of operations remains.
    I guess I now know what font is being discussed here. It never shows
    up in practical use for Arabic script. Only when I dig into Arabic
    Presentation Forms A and B, which are never encoded in Arabic script
    anyway (and shouldn't be). SIL fonts that I mentioned by the way,
    don't cover those presentation forms either.
    Yes I think Last Resort is a quick way to realize what is missing.
    And it doesn't require expertise by the user. The rest is up to the
    user. I just didn't know that those square signs that I occasionally
    see were actually coming from Last Resort!


    On 12-Jun-08, at 7:20 PM, John H. Jenkins wrote:

    > Le Jun 12, 2008 à 3:22 PM, Behnam a écrit :
    >> On OS X it is a very useful feature. But not for Arabic script.
    >> Because it only shows the generic shape of the main letters and it
    >> doesn't have AAT tables for 'contextualization' of Arabic
    >> characters. And even if it had, it couldn't be useful.
    > First of all, it doesn't have "the generic shape of the main
    > letters," since it uses the same glyph for every assigned character
    > in the Arabic block. This is *not* a fallback pan-Unicode font.
    > It has the sole purpose of letting the user know that they need a
    > font covering a particular Unicode block in order to see certain
    > text which cannot currently be displayed. Period. That's it. It
    > is not intended in any way to provide legible text in *any* script.
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    > John H. Jenkins

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