RE: Last resort font

From: Alan Wood (alan.wood@JUSTIS.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2008 - 02:28:01 CDT

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    Simon Montagu wrote:
    > I discovered that there is in fact a serious disadvantage when
    > LastResort is installed on systems other than OSX: applications don't
    > know to give it lower priority than other fonts, and both
    > Firefox and IE
    > sometimes use it even for scripts that I already have fonts for.

    I can partly confirm this problem, with Windows Vista Business, fully
    updated except for SP1 (which disables printing).

    I have lots of Unicode fonts installed. With Firefox and my test

    I normally see nearly all of the proper characters. After installing the
    Last Resort font, its characters replace the proper ones for Thai and Indic.

    With Internet Explorer 7, I normally see lots of squares. After installing
    the Last Resort font, I still see squares. None of the Last Resort
    characters appear.

    Alan Wood (Unicode, special characters, pesticide names)

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