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Date: Mon Jul 07 2008 - 16:19:20 CDT

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    Dear Michael Everson

    On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 7:06 PM, Michael Everson <>

    > Dear Ngwe Tun,
    > At 07:03 +0630 2008-07-07, Ngwe Tun wrote:
    >> You amended several characters again and again in Myanmar Block.
    >> What do you mean? Glyph design? Or added characters?
    >> you added shan digits again. you missed mon character in first proposal.
    >> You changed Myanmar Zero glyph design several times.
    > Is this criticism? We knew in 1998 that there were many minority characters
    > and we added none of them because we hadn't sufficient evidence. And by "we"
    > I mean representatives from Myanmar as well as the UK, the US, and Ireland.
    > As I recall the "dot" was added to the informative glyph for zero because it
    > was in a font by Zaw Htut; recently it was removed as it is really only a
    > programmer's glyph.

    > No, It's not criticism or reviewing again. I did it adding dot in zero
    > in the first pesudo-fake font so-called MyaZedi. you may forgot that points.
    > In your proposal N3043, you drawn myanmar digit zero as top and bottom
    > opened circle shape. didn't you.
    > We have already had Myanmar Unicode Fonts. There are 3 free fonts and 2 of
    >> 3 fonts are released as open source license.
    >> I don't believe that any of them are multi-platform fonts, are they?
    >> Of course not. Those fonts are not intended to use multi-platform. Because
    >> Mac users are very less. We could change Mac version soon.
    > Well, the font that I am working on *is* intended for multi-platform use.
    > And, like the Padauk font, it will be given away for free.

    Oh, pleasure to hear that. I will spread that information to other forum and

    > Be aware, Unicode 5.1 contains Mon, Shan and Karen characters. We do need
    >> some transformation specification for characters to glyph.
    > I'm sorry, I don't know what you are saying here.

    here is example what I'm saying. Let
    me know how to combine. Which sequence is right solution for MON (U+102D +
    U+1032) or (U+1032 + U+102D). you may know what I'm arguing much. In
    Burmese, first one is right order. Do we need specification for unique
    storage in MON?

    > You may know that characters encoding and language specific encoding are
    >> much different. We do need specific storage order for Mon, Shan and Karen.
    > The "storage order"? Of what? The encoding model encodes letters, vowels,
    > and tones, and they are ordered in the normal fashion. I hope you don't
    > suggest that (for instance) a consonant with an i-vowel and a u-vowel will
    > be "stored" as <kiu> for one language but <kui> for another. There would be
    > no stability in such as scheme.

     First, we have to analyze what they pronounce their character sequences.
    Then we can avoid no stability. Have you ever done those process?

    > "We could complete the development of the font by the last week of August
    >>> when we get confirmation from the Unicode Consortium's meeting to be held in
    >>> Hong Kong at that time," Ko Htoo Myint Naung said.
    > By the way, you have made much about this statement, but I don't believe
    > you have understood it. PDAM 6.2 contains new Myanmar characters for Aiton
    > and Phake, and Htoo Mying Naung and I decided to wait until after the PDAM
    > ballot comments had been resolved before releasing a beta version of
    > Anawrahta. The meeting in Hong Kong is of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2, not of the
    > Unicode Technical Committee, but n6.2.either WG2 nor the UTC "decides"
    > anything about "fonts". What will be decided in Hong Kong is a disposition
    > of comments (if any) relating to the new Myanmar-script characters on PDAM

    Yes, you and Htoo Myint Naung decision is waiting for Aiton and Phake
    characters. Can't we use burmese wikipedia without those characters? I do
    not mentioned that whatever meeting. For the burmese context, are we done?
    Or we need to wait till October Meeting. Do you mean 5.1 standards font not
    covered up for Burmese context. You can wait up to fullfill in Myanmar

    > There is no UTN, but there are now Mon, Shan, and Karen characters encoded.
    >> It's not enough for Mon, Shan and Karen.
    > In what regard?

    I mean we do need specific order in storage.

    > The Unicode Consortium encodes characters. Font implementations are not
    >> "decided" by the Unicode Consortium. I really don't know what you mean by
    >> "decide fonts".
    >> I knew deeply what Unicode Consortium does. But Htoo Myint Nauning or
    >> Myanmar Times wrote Unicode Consoritum will decide those fonts in Hongkong.
    > No, he didn't. You misunderstood the text in the Myanmar Times article.

    I read those article in english and burmese. In burmese, he told me that

    > --
    > Michael Everson *

    Any how. I got much experiences from that situation. Finally, we are going
    to make good aim but difference vision. Thanks you any way.

    Ngwe Tun.

    In Burmese; Ngwe mean 1) Silver 2) Money 3) Second Awards; Tun mean 1) Light
    2) be prominent.

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