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From: Ngwe Tun (
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 04:47:39 CDT

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    Dear Michael

    On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 4:23 AM, Michael Everson <>

    > At 03:49 +0630 2008-07-08, Ngwe Tun wrote:
    > Well, the font that I am working on *is* intended for multi-platform use.
    >> And, like the Padauk font, it will be given away for free.
    >> Oh, pleasure to hear that. I will spread that information to other forum
    >> and wiki.
    > You don't have to. I have already stated it on two other forums. Please do
    > not go and speak for me or for Htoo Myint Naung. If people want to know
    > about Anawrahta they should ask us. Thank you.

    Welcome. you can spread wrong information more than we expected by the role
    of Unicode proposal. Seeing is beleiving. How Irish guy comptence our
    language fonts?

    > here is example what I'm saying. <
    >> Let me know how to combine.
    >> Which sequence is right solution for MON (U+102D + U+1032) or (U+1032 +
    >> U+102D). you may know what I'm arguing much. In Burmese, first one is right
    >> order. Do we need specification for unique storage in MON?
    > I'm not going to try to evaluate something out of context like that. It
    > sounds as though you are talking about inputting, not "storage".

    Still you are thinking Burmese, Mon, Shan and Karen like Latin. Just learn
    from Martin first. Shall we need storage order specification for our
    languages or not?

    > Yes, you and Htoo Myint Naung decision is waiting for Aiton and Phake
    >> characters. Can't we use burmese wikipedia without those characters? I do
    >> not mentioned that whatever meeting. For the burmese context, are we done?
    >> Or we need to wait till October Meeting. Do you mean 5.1 standards font not
    >> covered up for Burmese context. You can wait up to fullfill in Myanmar
    >> Block.(U1000~U109F).
    > You are taking all of this out of context and making far more of it than
    > needs to be made.
    > --
    > Michael Everson *

    Never ever take advantages from Myanmar people

    Ngwe Tun

    In Burmese; Ngwe mean 1) Silver 2) Money 3) Second Awards; Tun mean 1) Light
    2) be prominent.

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