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Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 16:46:08 CDT

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    I have what you would call at this time a multilingual problem with integrating an application -- a php based message board that will automatically remove all k and K letters and replace it with unicode code point letter 0915, क.

    Could anyone on the list help or put me in contact with programmers / website designers that can help?

    This is the problem:

    phpBB is a message board and it has a bad word filter. However when you say change k/K letter to the devanagri letter, take this example:

    "Thank you for registering at In order to activate your forum, please click this link:"


    "क you for registering at In order to activate your forum, please क this क" .

                       Thus phpbb filter reads the replacing of =1 letter= (k/K) and putting the devanagri letter (क) as replacing "words" that contain that 1 letter (k/K) and putting the devanagri letter (क). Could be that somewhere in the phpbb filter code there is a "definition" for what is a "filter-unit," that needs changing because though the filter-unit is correct when it "reads," it is also correct when it "replaces"
    one_letter_words (for example: space_k/K_space) however the filter-unit is wrong though when it "replaces" more_than_1_letter_words (for example: thank/click etc).




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