apostrophe plus acute accent (side by side, as a single diacritic placed above C and G)

From: Emanuele Saiu (emanuelesaiu@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 06:59:32 CST

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     Apostrophe + acute accent ('´). It isn't codified in Unicode as a
    diacritic, is it?
     It is similar to the double acute accent of Hungarian ő ű, but the first
    mark should be an apostrophe (or Greek smooth breathing), not an acute.
     Apostrophe plus acute is common in traditional phonetic transcriptions used
    in Romance linguistics. It is placed on C and G (similar to c̋ g̋), and
    represents palatal occlusives or affricates (IPA [c ɟ] or [cç ɟʝ]).
     You can see an example of these symbols here:
     Thank you in advance.

    Emanuele Saiu
    from Italy

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