Re: Question about the directionality of "Old Hungarian" (document N3531)

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 02:26:26 CST

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    That's great news.

    Everyone kept telling me it's a font technology issue, but I was aware
    of the fact that no OT feature would handle that as of now.

    Good to hear you are working on that.

    (Even though implementation will take _years_ for such a specific
    feature even after definition, it's the next necessary step).


    2008/11/4 John Hudson <>:
    > Kent Karlsson wrote:
    >> It does NOT cover the RTL case, as I wrote. There is not
    >> even a loophole (which I think is a bad approach anyway) in
    >> the bidi algorithm that would cover Old Hungarian as RTL
    >> overridden as LTR to even sometimes produce mirrored glyphs.
    > POI: there is an OpenType working group who are spec'ing new layout
    > features for LTR/RTL *glyph* mirroring, for inclusion in the v1.6 of the
    > OT spec. Unicode provides for some mirroring at the character level,
    > while other mirroring must happen at the glyph level, which implies font
    > features; and of course the result of glyph mirroring must not reverse
    > the result of character mirroring.
    > I believe this approach will resolve the kind of glyph mirroring issues
    > Kent describes. Indeed, Old Hungarian came up in our discussions as an
    > example of a default RTL script that might require an <ltra> variant
    > GSUB feature.
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