VS: Why people still want to encode precomposed letters

From: Christopher Fynn (cfynn@gmx.net)
Date: Fri Nov 21 2008 - 05:57:37 CST

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    Erkki I. Kolehmainen wrote:
    > In my understanding, named sequences are highly suitable for use in e.g.
    > requests for proposals, where they can be listed as having to be
    > appropriately rendered as a precondition for procurement. The sequences
    > themselves don't contain sufficient guidance for font manufacturers, but
    > anybody interested in bidding will find out more.
    > Regards
    > Erkki I. Kolehmainen

    Erkki makes a very good point - when the purchasing departments of large
    organisations start *requiring* support for things like proper support
    for complex text rendering as a precondition for procurement, commercial
    software companies will sit up and start to listen. In my experience the
    accountants and sales people in large software houses often have far
    more say in things than the developers.

    - Chris

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