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Date: Wed Jan 07 2009 - 22:19:56 CST

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    Note that the IETF operates on "rough consensus". It is difficult to determine rough consensus if only those people who have an actual, original argument say anything and the vast majority nod their heads in assent---privately.

    The problem on this thread is that we are seeing a variety of arguments intended to persuade the general audience's opinion. It is useful to say (sometimes, not always) "+1" when one emphatically agrees with something on a topic where general agreement would be desirable... as a means of showing support.

    Let me add: participating on these threads has mostly been a Sisyphean project. I am borderline ready to add them to my spam list. Composing original replies may be asking too much of most of us :-).


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    > It is just as annoying there as here. If all you can effectively
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    > the discussion. People on this list don't need a cheering section.
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