Re: Braille, CJK and unicode

Date: Sun Feb 01 2009 - 11:36:34 CST

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    Quoting "Samuel Thibault" <>:

    > Christoph Burgmer, le Sun 01 Feb 2009 23:16:03 +0800, a écrit :
    > I'm looking for something to fulfill my user's needs, and do not know
    > what exists, so I'm just suggesting the kind of things I'm looking for.
    >> Chinese already has a way of describing characters in speach. Either
    >> they come with a distinct string as ??? (?+?= ?) or in
    >> the generic form ???? ("li from liliang=power/strength").
    > You mean these are unambiguous even when just spoken?

    Yes these are unambiguous even when spoken for the those who can read
    and write Chinese.

    One can also describe the strokes used to write a character.

    CJK are unnamed precisely because it only a few, if any, have universal names.

    John K


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