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From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sun Feb 01 2009 - 12:34:14 CST

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    On 1 Feb 2009, at 18:19, Rick McGowan wrote:

    >> From what I could see in the code charts, the Persian musical
    >> accidentals koron and sori are not added to Unicode (right?). Are
    >> they planned to be added?
    > They are not on anyone's list to add, as far as I know. If you have
    > enough information to make a proposal, please feel free to propose
    > them.

    I don't know enough about them to make such a proposal, but they are
    used in Persian music. And it turns out to be problem on the LilyPond
    list not having the glyphs in a Unicode font.

    I know them from the thesis by Hormoz Farhat, "The Dastgāh Concept in
    Persian Music", which says Ali Naqi Vaziri devised them for use in E24
    (24-ET, 24 equal temperament). But they are now used to indicate
    Persian style intermediate pitches, not tied to any particular tuning
    (though Farhat's values suggest traditional music uses Pythagorean
    tuning, for practical music purposes the same as E53).

    This page's_'Uds.htm
    shows what they look like:

    Namely, as a horizontally mirrored flat with the loop (resp. a sharp
    with the two horizontal lines) changed to a >.



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