Arial Unicode font - Problems with Chinese characters?

From: Christine Snow (
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 14:25:30 CDT

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    From: Christine Snow <>
    Date: 2009/5/11
    Subject: Arial Unicode font - Problems with Chinese characters?

    This question originated from a client. It's specifically about the Chinese
    Traditional character "$B6q(B". Here it is using the SimSun font. When we apply
    the font Arial Unicode to this same character, it apparently changes the
    character to something completely incorrect $B6q(B . After 12 years, this is the
    first time a Chinese reviewer has made these comments:

    "But for either Chinese Simplified (CHS) or Chinese Traditional (CHT), it's
    (Arial Unicode) not good enough due to the character set used. Some
    characters look very odd, which are quite different from what we usually
    read and write. This problem is more serious in CHS than CHT. Chinese person
    can understand (guess) what it mean as we usually read a article by phrase
    instead of character. "

     This is obviously a serious concern. I would like to know if this has been
    found by others and is a known issue.

    Thank you,


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