Re: So much for accuracy!

From: Behnam (
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 09:42:41 CDT

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    I guess it is very a visual thing.
    Did any native English tried that with a more flamboyant typeface?

    A Persian word, if it is mistyped and missing a single dot, will
    instantly draw my attention to the individual components. Provided
    the mistype doesn't create another instantly recognizable word in
    which case I go back to that word instantly only if the flow of the
    'meaning' is compromised. Otherwise I go back to it whenever I notice
    the meaning is compromised.
    The level and time of my pause on a mistyped word depends very much
    to the visual impact of that mistype. If ج is typed ح the thought
    processing to reach a conclusion is very brief. But if ج is typed ب,
    then the process is much longer.


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