Re: Pb with Unicode Tifinagh with Internet Explorer

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 10:38:00 CDT

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    2009/5/26 Peter Constable <>:
    > with IE 8 on Windows 7, everything displays fine.

    Which is great, but does the end user have any control over which font
    is used to display the Tifinagh text? If I have more than one Tifinagh
    font on my system, and I prefer to use something other than Ebrima as
    the default Tifinagh font (i.e. if the web page does not specify which
    font to use), but IE will only ever apply the Ebrima font if no font
    is specified, then in my opinion IE support for Tifinagh is incomplete
    and unsatisfactory.


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