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Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 08:55:22 CDT

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    Whether Eng. "Unicode" would be pronounced Hungaricized [ˈjunikoːd] or
    [ˈunikoːd] (i.e. hungaricized according to pronunciation or spelling),
    one cannot predict (contrary to what Otto Stolz suggests) but alone by
    surveying the user community, i.e. IT professionals.

    While I have not conducted a proper survey,
    ``"az Unicode" site:hu´´ query in Google gives approx. 3.750 results,
    most in Hungarian context, while the
    ``"a Unicode" site:hu´´ query there gives approx. 4.000 results,
    however most of them being in English sentences ('a' being the
    indefinite article in English in constructions like "a Unicode
    character can be...").

    Therefore it at least _seems_ to be the established convention to use
    the [ˈunikoːd] pronunciation which does reuqire the "az" definite


    2009/6/17 Joó Ádám <>:
    >> Do the Hungarians indeed pronounce "Unicode" that way?
    >> I do not know much about Hungarian, but as far as I know,
    >> an "U" is never pronounced as /juː/, in that language.
    >> Indeed, most European languages (including my mother tongue,
    >> German) have /u/ or /y/ for an initial "U".
    >> Hence, I guess, Dr. Gábor Hosszú has put those "az" in front
    >> of the "U"s, for good reasons.
    > He has put them there, because _he_ want it to be pronounced that way.
    > Unicode is an English word, therefore it must be pronounced according
    > English rules. If it would be pronounced as /u/, then the whole word
    > should be transliterated, as Unikód, but he did not write it so,
    > neither such a translation of the name virtually exists (Google 240 :
    > 126 000, searching Hungarian pages).
    > Regards,
    > Ádám

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