Re: Gwoyeu Romatzyh marking the optional neutral tone

From: Robert Abel (
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 00:28:10 CDT

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    are you sure it is supposed to look like the scans you provided? It
    might be that the printing for the book was fairly limited and could not
    account for these characters' true glyphs?
    I would personally go with <U+0064><U+0325>, this provides d̥ for me
    which has the circle right under the d with an appropriate font.


    How encourage this is I don't know, but at least it would conform to IPA
    as in being voiceless or nearly so.

    Robert Abel

    Christoph Burgmer schrieb:
    > I am looking for a character used in a Romanization of Mandarin Chinese called
    > Gwoyeu Romatzyh. It is the symbol denoting the optional neutral tone in
    > Mandarin which is marked by Chao [1] with a preceding subscript circle [2, 3,
    > 4]. Wikipedia gives an example using markup: bujy<sub>o</sub>daw [5].
    > Now Unicode encodes U+2092 (ₒ, LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER O). I don't know
    > if this character is applicable for my case - it does provide the correct
    > glyph. Is its usage encouraged?
    > -Christoph Burgmer
    > [1] Yuen Ren Chao: Mandarin Primer: an intensive course in spoken Chinese.
    > Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1948
    > [2]
    > [3]
    > [4]
    > [5]

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