Re: Gwoyeu Romatzyh marking the optional neutral tone

From: Christoph Burgmer (
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 04:43:07 CDT

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    Am Montag, 13. Juli 2009 schrieb Robert Abel:
    > Hi,
    > are you sure it is supposed to look like the scans you provided? It
    > might be that the printing for the book was fairly limited and could not
    > account for these characters' true glyphs?
    > I would personally go with <U+0064><U+0325>, this provides d̥ for me
    > which has the circle right under the d with an appropriate font.
    > -->
    > How encourage this is I don't know, but at least it would conform to IPA
    > as in being voiceless or nearly so.

    Interesting point.
    My guess though is that it just might be a subscript Latin O, for "_o_ptional
    neutral tone".
    I can check W. Simon's books on GR that are quoted for reference, and see how
    it renders there.

    I think I posed the wrong question in the beginning. How to know which
    character to use if all I have is printed material that probably used rich-
    text information to render the glyph.

    Am I wrong looking for a plain-text solution? I believe a Romanisation is so
    basic it should be expressible in plain-text.


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