Re: Greek characters in IPA usage

From: Christoph Päper (
Date: Tue Aug 18 2009 - 14:28:43 CDT

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    Roozbeh Pournader:
    > On Tue, 2009-08-18 at 10:51 +0100, Julian Bradfield wrote:
    >> Is it really the case that Arabic and Hindi speakers *can't read*
    >> unshaped script?
    > Yes. Most of them can't. Disjoint Arabic script is very hard to
    > read by the average person (...). It's *not* comparable to, say,
    > reading Latin in ALL CAPS.

    I won’t disagree that people who have Arabic as a first script are
    not used to and would rather not read it segmentally[1], but I don’t
    believe they’re unable to read it. Do you know studies to back up
    this claim or is it just your experience?

    The situation may be different for Brahmi-derived Indic scripts.

    [1] “True” segmental reading of course never happens with skilled
    readers -- i.e. grammar school level or better -- of any mature
    script (alphabetic or otherwise).

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