Re: Request change name of (as yet unpublished) 1CD3 VEDIC SIGN NIHSHVASA

From: Shriramana Sharma (
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 00:10:07 CDT

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    On 2009-Aug-19 00:22, verdy_p wrote:
    > The discussion is not really requesting a name change, but about how
    > an annotation could precise the confusing meaning of the adopted name
    > (still not official, given that the character is still not officially
    > standardized as is, but fixed for the rest of the balloting process,
    > until it finally gets either standardized or rejected).

    Is "annotation" same as alias?

    Rick McGowan wrote:

    > this character already has a gloss "vaidika saamagaana yogakaala"
    > that was (apparently) provided by Gov't of India during the proposal

    I have nothing specific to object against this "gloss". The question is
    how is it better said in English for everyone to better understand it.

    Now seeing as the name cannot be changed, I forgo the naming conventions
    and suggest:

    "Used to punctuate sections of Sama Vedic chanting between which a pause
    is disallowed"

    or is there some sort of word limit?

    And I would like to say that at this very instant another possible
    reading of the name "Nihshvasa" occurred to me. This word is usually
    interpreted as "exhalation". I however read it - nih + shvasa, that
    which is devoid (nih ~= nihil) of shvasa or breathing! So the name is
    not entirely misleading after all!

    Shriramana Sharma.

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