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Date: Sat Oct 17 2009 - 15:07:55 CDT

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    It seems you want to display a simple mathematical expression. In the notation of Unicode Technical Note #28<>, you can express 0.5 as an exponent of x, say, as x^0.5. For example, in MS Word 2007/2010, you can type Alt+= to insert a math zone and then type x^0.5<space> and you'll see x raised to the 0.5 power. Or you can type \sqrt x , and see an alternative display for this value.

    You may see it in this email (depending on your email client as [cid:image005.png@01CA4F2A.D7A53670] and [cid:image006.png@01CA4F2A.D7A53670] , respectively (with Outlook 2007/2010, you can insert built-up mathematical text in your email, but it doesn't display correctly on some email clients).


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    Hello and thanks for unicode,

    Is there a superscript decimal point character for showing fractional exponents as real numbers?
    For example I'd like to show 0.5 all in superscript. I know how to get the 0 and 5 superscripted but not the decimal point.


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