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Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 00:43:49 CST

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    If you want math, Cambria Math on Vista and Windows 7 is the best choice -- far better than Arial Unicode MS (which has no support for math alphanumeric symbols).


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    I stumbled across the following page which suggests font families to use in various situations including for math symbols:

    Notably it says *not* to use the Symbol font since it varies depending on whether it is a pre-Unicode version. For example a normal "S"
    becomes a sigma on older systems.

    Unfortunately I don't think it helps me much since Arial Unicode MS is not installed on Windows XP unless you have Office.


    Doug Ewell wrote:
    > I think it's clear that in the Unicode age, where it is a certainty
    > that no one font can cover all assigned characters, it would be nice
    > to have an API to tell whether a given character or string can be
    > rendered in a given font, or to enumerate the available fonts in which
    > it can be rendered. There's a CodeProject article to do something
    > like this on .NET [1], but this capability should be available for Web
    > developers as well.
    > [1]

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