Re: Medievalist ligature character in the PUA

From: Chris Fynn (
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 10:22:17 CST

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    Doug Ewell wrote:

    > "William_J_G Overington" <wjgo underscore 10009 at btinternet dot com>
    > wrote:
    >> Something which I like to do in my own fonts is to include a glyph for
    >> U+200D the Zero Width Joiner. This means that when using a
    >> non-OpenType-aware application program that the specific request for a
    >> ligature is clear.
    >> From TUS 5.0, Section 16.2 ("Layout Controls"), page 540:
    > "As with all other alternate format characters, fonts should use an
    > invisible zero-width glyph for representation of both ZWJ and ZWNJ."

    Microsoft however suggest including glyphs for these characters in
    OpenType fonts for complex scripts:

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