Re: Tifinagh - extension for complete common Berber alphabet isomorphic with Latin

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Date: Tue Feb 16 2010 - 07:34:51 CST

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    <p underscore j underscore anderson at volny dot cz> wrote:

    > This is about finding the best way to encode current use. I only
    > mentioned future usage because my proposal also considers possible
    > convergence of regional orthographies and of the language varieties.

    It is still one man's attempt at Tuareg orthographic reform. I read
    through the proposal and, despite the references, it is very much a
    personal project. There isn't really a precedent for adding new
    characters that are only attested via a single, present-day proposal.

    The paper also suggests changing the existing Unicode encoding model for
    Tifinagh, by ignoring the assigned "Berber academy" code points and
    instead moving the problem of choosing alternate glyphs onto
    country-specific fonts. This is likely to be controversial with those
    who developed the original model and those who have already used it.

    Hans Aberg <haberg at math dot su dot se> wrote:

    > There were a plethora of math characters:

    I doubt I am the only one who fails to see an analogy between the
    mathematical compatibility characters and an effort to encode novel
    letters to support a proposed orthographic reform.

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