Unicode Standard for Oriya Ya-Phala

From: Vinodh Rajan (vinodh.vinodh@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 21 2010 - 12:56:46 CST

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    What is the recommended combination to produce the secondary-ya conjunct in
    Oriya ?

    Is it YA or YYA ?

    Windows 7 Kalinga font & IMRC Oriya fonts, gives a subjoined YA for KYA, and
    a ya-phala for KYYA.

    One specific font Oriya font called Utkal produced ya-phala with a dot for
    YYA, and ordinary ya-pha with YA.

    e-Oriya OT & CDAC fonts produce ya-phala with both YA & YYA.

    (In the Worst case Akruti fonts have YA & YYA switched !!)

    Unicode Oriya fonts seems to have no standard in this regard.

    What does Unicode standard dictate about this ?


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