Re: [unicode] Unicode Standard for Oriya Ya-Phala

Date: Mon Feb 22 2010 - 02:20:09 CST

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    On Mon, 22 Feb 2010 00:26:46 +0530
    Vinodh Rajan <> wrote:
    >What is the recommended combination to produce the secondary-ya conjunct in
    >Oriya ?

    >Is it YA or YYA ?

    >Unicode Oriya fonts seems to have no standard in this regard.

    >What does Unicode standard dictate about this ?

    Your investigation is quite interesting. I think, Unicode standard
    specification does not answer to your question strictly.
    Unicode 5.2.0 p.288 Table 9-16, the second consonant is coded by
    "YYA" (U+0B5F). It seems that some experts recognized it as Unicode
    recommends to use YYA (U+0B5F):

    In another document:
    there is a long list of conjunct consonants from p.54-57.

    YYA (U+0B5F) is included in Table-2 (p.55), the list of
    "consonant signs". 4 examples are listed, YYA is always
    rendered as post-base form. Table-2 has no example for

      KA (U+0B15) + virama (U+0B4D) + YYA (U+0B5F)
      SSA (U+0B37) + virama (U+0B4D) + YYA (U+0B5F)
      KHA (U+0B16) + virama (U+0B4D) + YYA (U+0B5F)
      GA (U+0B17) + virama (U+0B4D) + YYA (U+0B5F)

    So, it looks like using YYA for conjunct consonant is

    But, YA (U+0B2F) is included in Table-4 (p.57), the list
    of syllables that subjoined consonant is rendered in base-
    below form. 1 example (DYA) is listed.

      DA (U+0B26) + virama (U+0B4D) + YA (U+0B2F)
        -> DA + ya-phala (base-below form)

    Table-4 shows alternate presentation for of DYA, as

      ( DA + virama ) + YA (normal form)

    But it does not list "DA (normal form) + YYA (post-base form)".

    If all of these rules have same weight,
    the post-base form should be coded by YYA, and
    the below-base form should be coded by YA?

    According to Jeroen Hellingman's note in 12 years ago:
    it seems that this problem is not Oriya-specific. I have
    to study more about the history how they are introduced.


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