Re: Tifinagh - extension for complete common Berber alphabet isomorphic with Latin

From: Paul Anderson (
Date: Thu Feb 25 2010 - 11:49:01 CST

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    Were the new Tifinagh letters given their code points in the proposal
    for Tifinagh Joiner and Tazarast according to some convention?
    Is it that 'normal' letters are allocated from the bottom end and have
    some headroom, followed by more exotic letters in the middle, with control
    type letters at the end?
    Are 2d66 to 2d6e earmarked for some purpose already? Two new vowel letters
    could fit at 2d66 and 2d67 if not. 2d6e would seem a good position for
    another modifier letter for palatalization, being next to 'tamatart'
    - or is 2d71 better?

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