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Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 05:16:47 CST

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    I commented earlier on the display of Arabic medial forms in this page od
    Andreas Prilop
    to say that most (but not quite all) of them are defective.

    Andreas Prilop replied
    >>How a particular glyph looks like, depends solely on *your* typeface
    >>and has nothing to do with my webpage. Capisce?

    Now that really won't do ! Whatever typeface is used, and whatever browser I
    try, the medial forms on this page fail to display. If anyone does see these
    correctly I would be delighted if they would post an image to show that for
    them at least the medials display correctly.
    I have put together a list of the correct initial, medial, and final forms,
    attached here in three formats, unicode text, rich text and pdf.
    From Prilop's webpage I show a line of the source, source.jpg (attached). It
    is clear that the zwj (U+200D) has been placed before, after, and both
    before and after the Arabic letter so as to produce the three forms. That
    looks correct, so why does it not display ? I really don't know. I would
    however suggest that a pdf would be the sensible format, given the vagaries
    of browsers.
    I am also unable to get the correct display in Word: if I open my correct
    lists in Word the medials again fail.
    In order to construct my lists I worked directly in a byte editor (Hex
    Workshop) since I found it so difficult otherwise to place the zwj in the
    right places.

    Raymond Mercier


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