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From: CE Whitehead (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2010 - 16:35:10 CST

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    Hi, I am not sure why, but . . . when
    I opened the .rtf attachment; Raymond was right; the medial forms did not display;
    then I downloaded the attachment again, this time saving it as an .rtf file but not opening it.
    I then opened it with wordpad and all displayed fine (unfortunately I don't have a camera).

    Then I opened it with notepad just to take a look at the code; I am sending you the notepad version which just has control codes;
    feel free to open it in notepad and then resave it under the extension .rtf and hopefully it will work fine for you all too.

    (I had no such luck with the .txt file; not only did it not display properly in my browser--my browser not Raymond's so it was not just Raymond's browser; also when I saved it with the extension .txt and then tried changing the font -- which was some kind of Lucida font but not Lucida Sans Unicode -- to Lucida Sans Unicode, the medial forms still did not display.)

    * * *

    below also is the encoding for the .rtf file;
    if you cannot work with the attachment just copy the code below, paste it into notepad, and save it as ansi with the extension .txt;
    no need to save it as unicode; it will display beautifully;
    I don't know why when I saved this rather than opened it the right codes were saved to allow for the proper display; I only know it worked--all I can say is that wordpad's encoding system is smarter than my MS Word viewer or than my browser or than my notepad's unicode character set.
    In any case, as you see, this is all ansi and character codes are escapes/numbers in the ansi file.

    (The \ is a separator; the \par indicates a hard carriage return; Peter Constable may be able to give you more details on the lang2057 and lang1065 stuff but those must indicate something about the language)


    * * *

    {\rtf1\fbidis\ansi\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fmodern\fprq1\fcharset178 Courier New;}{\f1\fmodern\fprq1\fcharset0 Courier New;}}
    {\colortbl ;\red0\green0\blue0;}
    {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\ltrpar\cf1\lang1065\f0\rtlch\fs40\'c7\'9e \'9e\'c7\'9e \'9e\'c7\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'c2\'9e \'9e\'c2\'9e \'9e\'c2\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'c8\'9e \'9e\'c8\'9e \'9e\'c8\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'c8\'9e \'9e\'c8\'9e \'9e\'c8\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'ca\'9e \'9e\'ca\'9e \'9e\'ca\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'cb\'9e \'9e\'cb\'9e \'9e\'cb\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'cc\'9e \'9e\'cc\'9e \'9e\'cc\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'cd\'9e \'9e\'cd\'9e \'9e\'cd\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'ce\'9e \'9e\'ce\'9e \'9e\'ce\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'cf\'9e \'9e\'cf\'9e \'9e\'cf\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d0\'9e \'9e\'d0\'9e \'9e\'d0\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d1\'9e \'9e\'d1\'9e \'9e\'d1\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d2\'9e \'9e\'d2\'9e \'9e\'d2\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d3\'9e \'9e\'d3\'9e \'9e\'d3\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d4\'9e \'9e\'d4\'9e \'9e\'d4\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d5\'9e \'9e\'d5\'9e \'9e\'d5\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d6\'9e \'9e\'d6\'9e \'9e\'d6\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d8\'9e \'9e\'d8\'9e \'9e\'d8\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'d9\'9e \'9e\'d9\'9e \'9e\'d9\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'da\'9e \'9e\'da\'9e \'9e\'da\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'db\'9e \'9e\'db\'9e \'9e\'db\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'dd\'9e \'9e\'dd\'9e \'9e\'dd\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'de\'9e \'9e\'de\'9e \'9e\'9e\'de\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'df\'9e \'9e\'df\'9e \'9e\'df\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e1\'9e \'9e\'e1\'9e \'9e\'e1\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e1\'c7\'9e \'9e\'e1\'c7\'9e \'9e\'e1\'c7\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e3\'9e \'9e\'e3\'9e \'9e\'e3\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e4\'9e \'9e\'e4\'9e \'9e\'e4\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e5\'9e \'9e\'e5\'9e \'9e\'e5\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'c9\'9e \'9e\'c9\'9e \'9e\'c9\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'e6\'9e \'9e\'e6\'9e \'9e\'e6\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'ed\'9e \'9e\'ed\'9e \'9e\'ed\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par
    \lang1065\f0\rtlch\'ec\'9e \'9e\'ec\'9e \'9e\'ec\lang2057\f1\ltrch\par


    * * *
    --C. E. Whitehead
    Re: Arabic aleph representation of glyphs
    From: Khaled Hosny (
    Date: Sun Mar 07 2010 - 12:53:34 CST

    > On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 06:46:18PM -0000, Raymond Mercier wrote:
    >> >This is because the font you are using is a simplified (I say ugly) font
    >> >where initial and medial forms of most letters look the same.
    >> >
    >> >Regards,
    >> >Khaled
    >> Whether the font is fine or ugly is really beside the point. In any
    >> Unicode Arabic font the required component forms (isolated,initial,
    >> medial, final) have to be available in the font so that the shaping
    >> engine can select what it needs to write smoothly cursive script.

    >There is no such requirement, you can design an Arabic font where each
    >letter has only one form and it is still perfectly a "Unicode Arabic
    >?font" (in fact there are already such fonts).

    >However the font in question, Arial here, has identical glyphs for
    >initial and medial forms of most letters (isolated and final forms are
    >mostly identical too).

    > Khaled


     Khaled Hosny
     Arabic localiser and member of team
     Free font developer

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